When Universities Application Window Opened & How To Apply In Tanzania

This is to inform the General Public and all prospective applicants for admission into various undergraduate degree programmes that pursuant to section 12(2)(a)(b) of the Universities Act, Cap. 346 of the Laws of Tanzania, The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) is mandated to coordinate admissions to Universities in the United Republic of Tanzania.
There is no exactly date for students to start application of university in Tanzania but it depend with the almanac from TCU for Tanzania Universities And NACTE for the Institutions.

For instance last year universities application window for applicants who completed F6 and Diploma in 2018 in 20th July 2018 according to the TCU Almanac of 2018 (Download here).

Now You Can ask yourself how to apply for the university in Tanzania?

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All Tanzania Universities are under control of Tanzania University Commission (TUC). In Previous Students in Tanzania where send their applications to TCU but nowadays application are done directly through particular universities.

Then Each University Open the window for the application after given guidance from Tanzania Commission Of Universities in their Almanac where students have to send or apply a programmes in a preferred universities. After Application Completion in universities level.

All Universities conduct process of application after student complete to apply in a given time then they should send selected students to the Tanzania Commission Of University (TCU) who check students select more than one universities( multiple selected) and those selected single university then release all names to their website and other release names. Then after all multiple selected students have to confirm only one university where They will go for thier studies.

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