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Even the blind knows that Toyota is more popular than all automotive companies in Tanzania.  For Best Selling Cars, 1 of 4 cars bought in Tanzania is Toyota.Now, why is Toyota so popular?

 1. Affordable Cost

Toyota used little Japan is cheaper than Ford from the US (or even in the country).  Also, the Tanzanian government allows local retailers to import these cars at a lower cost.  For, its purchase price is lower than other cars.

 2. They do not use a lot of fuel.

Toyota cars are known for not having much fuel.  Even their other big cars (Prado for example), do not use too much fuel to compete with other major cars.  For a city like Dar es Salaam need a queue nying, this is important.

 3. Access to speeds

 Since Toyota is very popular, its speeds are more easily available, which reduces the cost of handling.

 4. There are many experts

 Repeatedly, Toyota is very popular in Tanzania and, therefore, many automotive technicians have the knowledge of Toyota cars.

 The Volkswagen Polo, for example, will find it very difficult to find a good technician as well, maintenance will be more expensive.

 5. There are a variety of car for all

 The choice of buying a car is coming out, many people think of Toyota and not other type of cars.  Toyota has many kinds of vehicles that meet the needs of different people.  In short, anyone can run Toyota.

Maybe we are the most important contributor to the world for Toyota popularity

The fact is that Tanzanians have decided to buy a car because of family or friends suggestions.  In fact, since Toyota is more popular than others it is very easy to find the company's only car.  But, there are advantages of checking other automotive companies as well.

Don't worry, we have tips to help you find the best car, whether it is Toyota or another company!

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