Monday, April 22, 2019

Zari Introduced Her New Partner

Ugandan businesswoman and former girlfriend of music star in Tanzania, Diamond Platinumz, Zari Hassan has announced that she has found a new partner.

 It is one year now and several months since he announced the breakdown of his relationship with Diamond.

The new partner who named her boyfriend 'M' in her Instagram video claims she took the role of Diamond.

Announcing her new relationship to the social network Zari Hassan said her new partner had embraced her and all five children.

'To you dearly I have learned a lot;  I embrace the life that is because of your humility.  I have been thinking about my future but I didn't know what life would be like.  Five children, other men but still saw me being the most beautiful woman '', said Zari in her book read by 100,000 people.

'' I love you very much Mr M, and not the most valuable things you show me, I have seen it and even the best and the best.  but it is you, your heart, your presence and how you make me and my children feel.  You are very brave master M:

Zari said she herself has 38 years, and has five children but her master has been sent from heaven a lover.  I love you Mr M, '' added Zari in the post.

The Ugandan businesswoman spoke of his role in creating the life of his former lovers who said they did not really love him in line with the criticism of his new partner.



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