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15 Business Commands For Successful Business

Developing and running a successful business is a series of things that involve doing different things and in some way.  For then if any man do the same things, and the same way as those who have been successful, he also shall prosper.

Achieving success in business is also a condition that also involves doing as many successes seem to do.

15 Business Commands
The following are the 15 major commands for success in every business you will do:

Command 1: Having Plans and Methods of Victory
It has been said that “if you don't plan then you plan to fail”.  If you want to succeed in business you must have good plans and be included in the text.  Make a business plan.  It will help you to stand up for the important things that you have set up in your business.

People who produce more and do more things for the day and for the year are those who have written plans.

Commandment 2: You must sell
If you do not sell no business.  Make sure your products and services are good and profitable for users and make sure you sell them.  Sales are very important and they provide a vision that products are needed and loved.

Commandment 3: You Must Make Benefits
We have said that sales are important but FACTS MUST be for business to grow and succeed.  In one way, the lack of profits means that you are losing or producing it only ends up paying only operational costs.

For any investor one of its major goals if not the first goal is to make a profit from the money they invested.

A business that cannot make profits needs to be closed otherwise it will die itself.

However there is a period of expectation where business is changing and cannot make profits yet, this period will be explained in the business plan.

Command 4: Reduce Use
The benefit is derived from the proceeds from the sale of the use of business as well as the cost of the purchased goods.

Benefits = Sales-Cost

Expenditure is the cost that the business has used in providing services and selling its products.

So the cost-reducing costs will increase and thus succeed in business.

Principle 5: Invest Your Production Benefits
To promote your business it is important to continue investing in order to increase capital.  The share of the profit that the investor receives each year is personal finance but it is better to add capital to the capital.

Share your share of profits and invest in the same or other business

Command 6: Search Marketing and Marketing
Traders' sales and consumer behavior say that “users don't know what they want until they see or hear”.  Marketing educates targeted users for your services and benefits.  This can be done by making ads in the media like radio, TV, newspapers and brochures.  Also by using the site and the way in addition to product displays.

You must do the marketing of your products.  Many entrepreneurs do not make the mistake of not following this order and success is not satisfactory.

Command 7: The Client is King
Customers are the engine of any news.  If there are no customers there is no gladness.  Customers are the traders of your business, since they are the ones who pay your salaries and your other uses and they must be given the importance and respect of the highest quality.

Being honest and transparent in your business relationships, customers come from those who trust them to cut off the cost and quality of their products.

Command 8: Put More Power on Returning Customers
Long-term and back-to-back customers are a successful business platform.  The returning customer means he is satisfied with your services and is willing to continue to buy from you.  This type of customers should be given priority and maintenance at all costs.

Be aware that satisfied customers persuade others to buy from you.

Other users' behavior is said to “like to buy or use what their friends or those they trust are buying or using”.

Command 9: Take Care of Customer Service
Your contacts with customers contribute greatly to making new users buy and those who continue to buy from you.  Build a culture of communicating with customers in such a way that they feel that they are important and in a way that they will feel in the hands of the true people.  The clever is most of this day in the business, so how you communicate it contributes greatly to express trust

Futilia customers know their problems even if they have not asked, also ask to get feedback on improving service or your products.  Customers will feel that they are part of your business and thus guarantee long-term appointment.

Command 10: Track Financial Statements Mainly Cashflow
Money is like blood in the human body and so we must know his conduct every time.

Financial information provides a vision and business direction.

Information 3 Important in Issue is:

Income and Expenditure (Benefits and Disadvantages) - Explains income and expenditure over a period of time
Balance Sheet - Describes the financial status of the news on a certain date
Money flow (Cashflow) - Describes sources and spending money over a period of time and describes the amount of money available to facilitate work
The cash flow statement is very important as it gives you the financial realities of the business and the existing capacity to provide services.

Command 11: Build and Maintain Integrity
Honesty in business is an important and very important factor.  In order to build good relations with other stakeholders like investors, credit institutions and government agencies will be very helpful to continue.

It is important to note that users are buying from honest people.  So building trust in the business will contribute greatly to your success.

 Command 12: Hire and Maintain Good Workers and Poor Wives
 Who gives services to the client is important as a service or product itself.  Learn from airline personnel and hotels or in restaurants.  It is very important to employ good service providers, who know the business of business and work hard with all their knowledge.  Keep only the first-class staff, and it is very important to remove all those who are concerned with the same criteria.

 Employees, unemployed and unsatisfactory service providers as satisfactory as the company's goals must leave.

  Command 13: Ask New Customers Through Your Customers
 Marketing experts say that “satisfied customers tell 5 others about your good service, but those who are dissatisfied tell others 10 about your badness”.

 So invest in satisfied and returning customers, ask them to inform others about your services and buy them.  Because people believe more about hearing from those who trust them as friends then it is clear that you will find new customers.

 Command 14: Know and Consider the Law of 80/20
The 80/20 Act states that only 20% of the things you do make up 80% success.

20% of the staff you have produced by 80%
20% of your time generates by 80%
20% of all your customers pay 80% of all income
Recognizing this fact helps you to plan your affairs properly when you have achieved better results.

Command 15: Improve Services and Products Every Hour
We have said that there is no business if there is no customer, but also no customers if there are no products or services that you provide.  For this fact then the quality of the products and services you provide are very important to consider.

Remember customers are buying benefits from your products and services and not just the products themselves.

In order to comply with the behavior change of users, it is best to do regular research to see how the competition works and to ensure that your products and services are consistent with these changes.



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