Sunday, May 5, 2019

5 Business Can Start With 100,000

The fact is that there are many businesses that do not require large capital to start as follow below:-

 1. Teaching
Find out what you know and see how you will give your people your knowledge.

An example might be a professional cook of sweet cake.  Then you can build a class of people in the places where you live and prepare a small fee for your home.

You need only a small amount of money to do it.
You can also teach children extra lessons like math or science if you are aware of these or other subjects.

All this does not require much money to start because it requires a business room or furniture.

 2. Network Business
 Join an online marketing company.  These companies will require you to make anonymous advertisements to the person to the person by informing them of the company's products and purchasing them so that the company will pay you the amount of money for the sale.

Registration in this business requires very little capital even to Sh.  Only 100,000 can begin and continue to develop capital.

 3. Provide Professional Advice
If you are a professional in certain fields such as money, health or computer for example, you can start a consulting service for small companies or individuals.

In order to do this you will need only a small amount of money for tools such as paper, pen etc

You will need to disclose it by passing office to office or by providing previews on radio, TV or newspapers.

You can use customer offices for this job so you have office.  Use your location as an office so the gold will be too small.

  4. Young Child Care Service
Caring for small children between 1-5 years is a business that you can start and make at home and will require only a little money.

Parents with children need a place where their children will receive their services at work.

If you grow a good environment where children can play and learn, then you will find many customers.

 5. Renting Tent
 The tent rental service for activities is one of the businesses that do not require large capital.

You will need one or two tents to start and then you can add as you go and grow.

The need for this injection is particularly important in wedding shirts, birthdays, confirmations, communications, alumni and beer in disaster activities.

All the businesses I mentioned do not need a lot of money to start, actually only 100,000 shillings or less.

So if you are thinking about starting a career and you do not have enough capital, then consider one of these and you can succeed.

I would like to hear other business like these.