Tuesday, May 7, 2019

GIS will help develop development projects in Local Government Authorities

It is stated that the integration of the GIS Information System (GIS) and the electronic revenue collection system in Local Government Authorities (LGRCIS) will help to have accurate data collection in Local Government Authorities.

These have been said by the Advisor and Expert Information System (GIS) from the Tanzania Urban Development Project (TCSP) under the Office of the Regional Administration and Local Government Mrs. Grace Kyaruzi when conducting a tour  the World Bank Project Monitoring Project in Mbeya.

She said that the integration of these systems will help to bring about a major revolution in ensuring that the Local Government Authorities collect revenue and have all the information on land that will help government officials make decisions in implementing various development projects in the country.

She said that these systems will bring about a change in the overall collection of revenue in all Councils in the country, as well as not only to provide revenue collection but it will be a specific system to get more information that will help to work effectively in Local Government Authorities.

Ms.  Kyaruzi has called on the leaders of Mbeya to ensure that they provide education for various groups in the region so that they can receive a system that will help reduce the challenges of developing development projects in Local Government Authorities.

“Using the GIS system will help officials make informed decisions in implementing development projects in Local Government Authorities. It is the responsibility of the City Council for Mbeya to ensure education is provided to citizens on the importance of data collection in their areas to have  data source (Database) ”explains Ms.  Kyaruzi

At the same time the City Council of Mbeya City Council.  Amede Ng’wanidako said Mbeya City Council has been able to raise its income to 75 farmers, which is due to efforts and effectiveness in ensuring that revenue is collected on time.

She said the city has set up a strategy to improve revenue collection by providing education to traders about the importance of paying taxes and continuing to audit the revenue sources.

She has also said that they will use the TRA data for taxation services and estimates of the deceleration form for non-accountant customers.



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