Sunday, May 26, 2019

How to Be Strong during Ramadhan

During the month of Ramadan - all Muslims in the world unite to fulfill the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, as a month of fasting.  It is important for all people involved to install this month, to consider and maintain health and nutrition when implementing this service.  These are some of the extracts that will make you strong and healthy during this glorious month

1. Don't skip "Daku" during Ramadan

If any breakfast is important in the dietary part of the day, Daku (food eaten before sunrise) is a very important meal during this month.  It helps your body to stay with water, energy and essential nutrients for the whole day until the fume.  This food will also prevent you from eating too much when you open your dinner in the evening.  A good diet can include - Foods containing starchy foods, fiber, fiber, vegetables, and foods containing proteins such as eggs, cheese, meat or fish - these are all for a strong body  and water during the day

2. Minimize Sugar and Industrial Products

Avoid fast foods, fast food, which are made from fat, sugar and starch.  These foods have very little nutrients.  Also avoid foods that are cooked and so much fat.  If these foods are inevitable, then you can try to reduce your fuel consumption.

3. Include Fruit and Vegetables in the Meal

Fruits and vegetables are important when eating, and it is a good alternative to the sweet delicacies that are eaten during Ramadan.  Some fruits and vegetables have plenty of water, eg cucumbers, oranges and watermelons, and.  If you eat this fruit at a time or after a discharge can make you have enough water in the body until tomorrow.

4. Eat Futari Slowly and Don't Eat Food

Although it is tempting to eat until you go out of the day because of hunger all day long, remember that you have to start slowly.  You can start with a tent or a little water before eating a full meal.  Tenders are credited with their ability to strengthen the body and also to develop a food system for the next meal.  After that, you can follow with something of fire - eg porridge, milk, tea or soup.  Remember that you should be slow to give the body time to digest the food.

5. Beware of Water and Avoid Alcohol

Although you may feel the stomach is very full during a dietary dinner with Daku, do not ignore drinking water for its importance.  Drink at least 4-8 glasses of water per day.  Use liquids or water-containing fluids for a period of futility and daku.  Be careful and avoid foods that contain too much sugar and caffeine - they contain stimulants that lead to excessive body fluids.  It is advisable to stop or use just a few drinks like tea, coffee, soda etc.



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