Sunday, May 26, 2019

How To Get Out With Family For Ftari

Get time to rejoice with your family during Ramadhan can be a challenge.  If you think about the time you work, the time of the departure, the time of the whole night worship, you may think that you have little time for the family.  But, this month is a very important month to spend time with them, It is a time that unites the family with their God.

In celebrating this month with the family, you can decide to expel them for changing the environment and eating a different dietary diet with the new ones.  It is also a good spark for resting the recipients every day.  If you would like this, then it is important to consider the following:

1. Choose Location / Restaurant for Family Friend

When choosing a place to get a family and family, it is important to consider the potential of the restaurant to serve the whole family.  Consider items such as distance, noise, service, cleanliness, cooks and n.k.  Also some parts may have a few tables to serve only a few people at a time, so it is important to know before you arrive in order to avoid disruption.

2. Make a Booking

Once you decide where you want to go, call the restaurant and make a booking for the family.  You can find the phone numbers you want in the Zoom Tanzania.  Contact them to inform the number of family members you will be there, and to let them know if there is a type of posture you choose to be prepared.  For example, there are some restaurants with a small table and cannot serve a table of 10 people at the same time.  But there are some restaurants can connect the table or put in a close table.  If you communicate with the staff before and when you get married then it is easy to make a reserve.

3. Know the List and Prices of Foods Prepared

Unlike some restaurants that sell some kind of food, eg Pizza, chicken etc, some restaurants and hotels have a special meal this month of Ramadan.  Many have a free selection menu (Buffet) for a channel.  The buffet menu typically consists of a mixture such as porridge, tea, milk - then meals such as beans, potatoes, cassava, cassava, poultry chicken.  You can call for this month's Ramadhan menu or watch online.

4. Make sure you arrive on time

Normally family members, relatives and relatives are not easy.  During this month of Ramadan, each family member may be on his side, or there may be a plan to meet at home and leave together.  If so, it is good to get to the scene in time and together.  Imagine, if you have put an order of 8 people, then 6 people have come to the time of cancellation, there is a great inconvenience to wait.  It is important that you plan to provide your family with sure that all people arrive on time.  Also, if you come out together, it is good to consider the bugs as a queue, for major cities such as Dar es Salaam.

5. Be Patient

This season of Ramadhan, restaurants and many places of food have a lot of people especially when it is abolished.  This leads to sometimes decreasing foods or a slight delay due to quantity and size of orders.  It is very important to consider this especially when you come out with your family to eat.  Acknowledge that if you know when you are on your head or food and it is too late.



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