Sunday, May 5, 2019

How to make money with a smartphone

First of all I would like to use this post to apologize for I have been silent for a long time.  But this has been because of the subjects.  I am still in school so it becomes difficult to do studies, blogs and work.  I have tried to make a lot of myself but often when I have free time I use it to create my client's jobs and find myself leaving this blog a bit.  Sorry and continue with me.

How to make money with a smartphone?
It is clear that now a large number of people already own smartphones.  Smartphone if it refers to a phone that is designed to be able to make a large number of things done by the computer, it can be used to do different things that will help you in your social and economic issues as well.

Today I will briefly look at how you can use a smartphone to earn or improve your income in a legitimate way, (… others use the phone to steal people's money!)

1.Help you find a map of the location (by GPS)
This also helps your customers who have a map of the city or location in their phone to access you easily.  But even if you are in a foreign city for your business activities,

Your smartphone is a good friend for helping you to arrive at the right time.

2.You can track customer information.
Through various applications you can be close to customers (for big and small businesses).  You can have their data in your phone.  For a big business this thing is very important as you understand more the client helps you to accomplish what she needs.

3.Internet access
Yes.  Make your smartphone an internet cafe using wi-fi.  You can distribute the internet to people around you and then give you money.  The basic is to find a place where some people need network and do not have modem or packaged.  Make your smartphone hotspot, make sure you use security apps to prevent people from robbing your seat without you knowing.

4Contact and access your accounts in social pages
By using social networks you will increase your business.  Use your smartphone to update your pages in networks like facebook, twitter and so on.


Not every phone can make a good photo.  But if you have an original smartphone with great photographic capabilities.  Use your phone as a camera and you can beat people and get paid.

Thanks for reading this feature, these reasons are just a few of the many I have prepared for you.  Don't miss reading a second part later.  At the moment, thank you and continue with me.

Smartphones are located many different types.  They carry the most important software that can help you in the business and also earn income.



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