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Msesetz:Information System by Amazon

1.Information System:
In 1995 Amazon used website system and order fulfillment system separately in order to improve security. By 1995 amazon has huge database running on Digital Alpha Servers. Amazon renovated the entire system in the year of 2000. Company spent $200 million on the new system.

These systems include analysis software from “Epiphany”, logistics from “manugistics” and new DBMS from oracle. For communication with supplies amazon seal deal with Excelon for business-to-business integration system.

 2. Transaction Processing System:
Every customer has his profile in amazon.com or must have a profile in order to order any product. Amazon offer many features to personalize their profile with web tools like shopping cart, wish list.

2.1. 1 click purchase:
Amazon brings 1 click ordering, personalized shopping services and easy to use card transaction, e-mail communication with customers and direct shipping around the world. (1999 Annual report) Customer with previously activated functionality can order items clicking only one button without fulfilling order form. Amazon„s secured server automatically provide the information required for the registered customer. (Annual report 1998)

2.2. Secure Credit/debit card payment:
For secure transaction amazon.com use secured server software. Customer‟s personal information, credit card number and everything is encrypted in order to secure information over internet.

3. Recommendation System:
Amazon developed an intelligent recommendation system which recommends items by customer‟s past purchases and searching data. This system store every order made by customer. For example if a customer buy a fiction book then the recommender system will recommend related books to the customer.

3.1. Interactive searching System:
Amazon provides interactive searching option to the customers. Customer can select desired items catalogs to find the item. Millions of items can be gained by searching tools. (Annual Report 1998)

4. Supply Chain Management (SCM):
For the huge success by 2004 the “Supply Chain System” played a huge role. In 2000 amazon spent good amount in order to build automated warehouse and automated supply chain management. (Jenkinson 2005, business week 2003) All the supply chain activities are controlled by CRM system. (Gabe 2010)

4.1. Enterprise Resource Management (ERP System): Amazon uses oracle as the ERP. It has huge database which hold information related to customer. Customer‟s ordering process is automated as the order is taken as it automatically find the nearest distributing center for the delivery. (Bacheldor, 2004)

4.2. Customer Relation Management (CRM):
In order to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty amazon use Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). CRM system follows the following application to collect information of the customer. All personal information of customers their credit card record, transaction record, order record, profile, their past purchase history are collected in the database.



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