Dar es Salaam.  When President John Magufuli announced the first Cabinet to his Government, he was asked by journalists if he would have a seminar for his assistants not his answer would be learned at work.

But four years later it seems that not only the ministers have been misunderstood because they have given them a few examples, but even some other actors.

Speaking in his last day of a eight-day tour in Mbeya, President Magufuli said he has been struggling to choose scholars and keep them in different positions but does not understand why they have been dropping him in making a decision when needed.

He made the statement after the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology (Must), Professor Aloyce Mvum to ask him to say a word to the Tanzania Universities Commission (TCU) on delays in the response to the test results they have asked since 2015.

Responding to the request, in the event of laying the foundation for the construction of a library of the university with a capacity to accommodate 2,500 students at the same time, he said in his performance there was no interaction and gave 10 days to TCU to provide answers on the application and  ask the commissioners to come to the university.

“Now tell TCU chairman within 10 days he has come here with his staff to discuss the issue of the issue.  It is not possible here who has given the recommendation is a colleague professor who is required to provide the permit and is a professor and from here to Dar es Salaam for a car does not exceed 1,400 kilometers and go to the bombardier is an hour and a half, ”he said.

He added, “It is not possible since 2015 there are no answers, I am trying to choose scholars and they knock me down and all are in the same ministry.  The Minister in charge (Joyce Ndalichako) is a professor of education, Science and Technology.  This school must be under his ministry, TCU is under his ministry you can understand the confusion. ”

“Someone standing there on TCU does not want to give teaching permits, I ask the minister to be brighter if you see that people cannot go to this spell to bring their names on the same day we cannot intervene because we will not come.” \ T

The President has been making the statement of his executives not to understand him several times.  On March 20, last year he described the disruption of the two ministers (Dr Charles Tizeba at that time as Minister of Agriculture and Luhaga Livestock and Fisheries to attend the National Council of Business Council (TNBC) and senior government officials.

He said it is sad to see that some people he has chosen do not understand what he wants ... "We are talking about agriculture and livestock but the minister or general secretary is not here, and the prime minister should take these concerns to work for them ..."