Minister of Education, Science and Technology Prof.  Joyce Ndalichako congratulates the School of Dar es Salaam International Academy for building capacity and recognizing the importance of teaching them and giving them opportunities to learn themselves.

Prof.  Ndalichako gave this compliment to Dar es Salaam when he participated in the five-class pupils at the school where he said the students have been trained to find various information based on the topics given.

“I am pleased to see the Grade 5 pupils show innovation in the social problems as even the topics they look at fit with the current situation that the government has been emphasizing as gender issues, liver disease and Ebola, drugs and Technology,  ”She said.

Minister Ndalichako said in search of the pupils have shown high-quality talent while organizing presentations as they have used networks as well as interviewing people they found necessary to provide them with information that enabled them to complete their presentation for the exhibition.

In addition, Minister Ndalichako has called on teachers to empower and provide students with creativity, confidence and the ability to find various information in learning as Tanzanians are able to do great things but are due to lack of confidence and fear when school is a place where  Such talent can be developed.

“The question of self-esteem is a huge challenge for many Tanzanians, they have the ability, intelligence and talent but they do not believe this is a problem, so we should continue to have such an exhibition that will build up our pupils, confidence, show what they can and do not fear to speak in public,  ”she insisted.

In addition, Minister Ndalichako said that even in public schools such exhibitions are taking place at the secondary school level, which starts at school level, district and peak at national level but they have promised to look at how to begin engaging primary school students as they do  thus it enables them to prepare designers since they are young.

Pointing to the government's strategy to identify and promote innovations in Minister Ndalichako has said through the Commission for Science and Technology that has been used to develop innovations but also has not found it easy for everyone to get to the Commission so it has started the process of establishing at Council level where this year  you have come to look at how well-known designers can be developed.

“Also in our universities there are no exceptions, such as the University of Dar es Salaam, Nelson Mandela, there is a good deal of well-being and they are focused on crops and looking at things that can put poison in the target crop to ensure we increase the scope so that Tanzanian talent can be developed.  , ”She said.

And the Head of the School, Fawzya Hirji said the school has set itself to ensure that there is cooperation between teachers, students and parents in enabling these students to be creative, confident and using networks to find various information that gives them knowledge of the world.