Saturday, May 4, 2019

RC Mwangela gives orders about the Dump

The Mbozi District Council has to change the dump area from the current Ilembo area because the water flowing from the area can go to the Mantengu water source that is expected to be used in the long run.

 The order was issued by the Songwe Regional Commissioner, Brig.  Jen.  (Mst) Nicodemus Mwangela during his visit to inspect the existing water projects in the region.

 Brig.  Jen.  (Mst) Mwangela said that the switch-off exercise was done quickly because the Vwawa Water Project that uses the Mantengu Water source has been completed and will soon begin to reach the public.

 “The part of the dump has to be changed, the water has started from and it will reach the public soon, so I urge the councils to implement this very quickly,” said Brig.  Jen.  Mst

 In addition, he has added that despite the disposal of garbage to be changed but to ensure that the existing waste disposal remains to remain polluted.

 For his part, Mbozi District Commissioner, John Palingo said that Mbozi District Council will implement the directive and now the dumping area will be transferred to Mbozi Mission to protect the source of the Mantengu water source.



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