Friday, May 10, 2019

UDOM: Call For Innovation Challenge | Deadline 31th May 2019

About the Challenge
The University of Dodoma (UDOM) invites all UDOM community members to participate in the first Innovation Challenge which is coordinated by UDOISIC. The challenge will support innovative ideas from all fields which are environmental friendly, simple technology, commercially viable, sustainable and bring solutions to societal problems. It will involve four stages which are innovative ideas submission, screening, pitching and lastly the development of the prototypes. Winners of the Challenge will be mentored and provided with some financial support to develop their prototypes.

Objective of the Challenge
The challenge aims at giving UDOM community a platform to engage in producing creative and innovative ideas which might be solutions to some of the societal problems. Furthermore, it aims to support the vision of the fifth government of attaining to middle economy through industrialization.

Evaluation Criteria
All submitted ideas will undergo screening to get viable ideas which will be invited for the pitching stage. Evaluation criteria is detailed below:
i. Addressing any of SDG (1,2 5 and 9)
ii. Appropriate technology,
iii. Commercial viability,
iv. Environmental friendly,
v. Sustainability and
vi. Scalability

Eligible Applicants
All UDOM students and/or academic staff individually or in groups are eligible to apply.

Application Period
Application window closes on 31st of May, 2019.

Mode of application
Applicants can fill in the application form online by clicking here

All inquiries may be directed to UDOISIC heads through 0755 498 126 and 0784 891 291 during work hours.



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