Thursday, May 2, 2019

Why need of Logo For Company or Organisation

Msesetz:Logo is mark or symbol specifically for the identity of your business, your school or your outside company and within the office.  Or logo is a symbol used to identify services, products, company or any group of groups.

Logo means many things about your business based on its appearance, too many business identity is first found on the logo, many ads target people to remember the target and business logo.  Logo is something that one thinks when he hears the company's name or business.

 Example: When you hear the name Cocacola, Azam, TBS, Vodacom, Legacy, Pepsi, msesetz and other the first thing that comes to your head is the company logo then
 The advertisement you have heard or seen in connection with the service or their product starts recurring on the head.

So the logo is very important for the development or success of your business. Here's some of the things that Logo represents at the same time when it appears.

1.Give your client the meaning or interpretation of your business though it may not be the same as yours

2.Showing the required appearance

3.Add status

4.Show your diversity with others in the market

5.Have an interesting appearance

6.Arranging itself for market scales.

Why your business needs a logo, there are many reasons why your business has a logo and not just a logo with a well-designed logo, some basic reasons include:-

1. When you open a new business
2. If you are introducing a new business
3.If you change the business name
4. The nature of your business has changed
5. Wanting to simplify your customers the recognition of your product or business
6. If you need to distinguish the product from the company``



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