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New Job Opportunity At Avram Corporation Inc Tanzania

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Position: Surveillance Advisor 
Location Dodoma, Tanzania

• The surveillance advisor will provide Technical Assistance to CDC Tanzania’s CoAg award recipients.
• This advisor will also serve as a recognized expert in a broad range of surveillance and epidemiology activities.
• The surveillance advisor will also provide assistance to USG agencies and CoAg partners including data analysts, clinical providers, healthcare workers, public health program staff, behavioral scientists, program managers, and other professional staff supported by CDC Tanzania funds.
• The advisor will support programs including public health surveillance activities, evaluations, and other implementing science projects
• The surveillance advisor will provide subject matter expertise on the design, implementation, coordination, evaluation of CDC funded surveillance program activities.
• The advisor will attend and share his/her expertise on surveillance and epidemiologic studies/issues at technical, policy, and strategic planning meetings (including meetings with CoAg partners and other USG agencies).
• the surveillance advisor will also provide TA and guidance to the Tanzanian Ministry of Health (MoH) in the design and implementation of surveillance program activities, public health evaluations, and epidemiological training.
• Utilize statistical software applications to create, manipulate and analyze large, complex data sets for epidemiological and surveillance activities for HIV/AIDS and other PEPFAR related and disease surveillance areas, in particular, the studies of TISINI and Fisherfolk, and PHIA. Develop appropriate methods for summarizing, interpreting and presenting the results of statistical analyses of data compiled from studies and projects to meet agreed upon timelines.
• Support PEPFAR annual country operational planning including analyses to describe the current state of the epidemiology based upon CDC’s surveillance activities and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping.

Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications 
Education and Training
• Graduation from an accredited university with a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology, public health or related field.
• Level I Kiswahili proficiency
• Level IV English proficiency required. Ability to effectively communicate in English (speaking, writing, and reading) on a daily basis with various groups.

Technical Experience
• Minimum of five years’ experience in HIV/AIDS, TB, and/or other communicable disease research and/or program settings focused on analysis and use of routinely available data, preferably in a resource-limited setting.
• Minimum of three years’ experience serving as a recognized and successful epidemiologist including experience providing technical assistance and supporting capacity building.
• Minimum of three years’ experience developing and analyzing surveillance studies and data.
• Minimum of three years’ experience guiding technical teams though complex situations related to data, statistical analysis, survey methodology, and interpretation of results, protocols, manuscripts, study oversight, etc.
• Minimum of three years’ experience in statistical support, mentoring and capacity building in epidemiology and statistical methods including analysis, interpretation, and publication/dissemination of results/findings.
• Minimum of three years of experience using advance GIS skills.
• Working knowledge and experience using Access, DHIS2, Stata, SAS, and R programs.

• Minimum of three years of substantial working with PEPFAR programs in-country including leading interdisciplinary teams on site monitoring visits with government counterparts for real-time assessment and remediation efforts.
• Minimum of three years of experience collaborating with government counterparts including national laboratories to support surveillance and epidemiological studies.
• Experience leading teams to meet timelines and deliverables.
• Excellent time and project management skills.

Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications
• Graduation from an accredited university with degree or certificate in Global Epidemiology or Global Health.
• Able to communicate in basic Kiswahili in professional settings.

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