Friday, August 2, 2019

Tamisemi Tender To Supply Election Material 2019

Tamisemi Tanzania, Uchaguzi 2019, Uchaguzi Serikali Ya Mtaa, Ajira Tanzania, Ajira TamisemiThe President of the United Republic of Tanzania issued a Notice on assignment of Ministerial responsibilities (Instrument) vide Government Notice No.144 of 22nd April, 2016. In that Instrument, the President has created a Ministry of Health,Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children which is mandated for formulation
(a) Policies on Health, Community Development, the Elderly Children and Gender and their implementation.
(b) Preventive and Curative Services.
(c) Chemical Management Services.
(d) Medical Laboratory Services.
(e) Medical Research and Nutrition.
(f) Food and Drug Quality Services.
(g) Medical Supplies.
(h) Promotion of Traditional and Alternative Medicine.
(i) Health Services Inspection.
(j) Family Planning.

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(k) International Health and Medical Organizations.
(l) Coordination of NGO dealing with the functions under this sector.
(m) Coordination of International Organization under this sector.
(n) Perfomance Improvement and Development of Human Resource Service and their Implementation under this ministry.
(o) Extre-Ministerial Departments, Parastatal Organization and Projects under this ministry.

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