10 Accounting Software To Use For Business Growth

Top 10 Accounting Software for Business Growth

If we go by the stats, QuickBooks leads the pack with approximately 6,00,000 customers and 12,000,000 users with 49,100/231,911/191,803 followers on Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin, respectively. Now, let us discuss in detail below the ones who make it to the top 10 list in the reversible order.

10. Kashoo Online Accounting

Kashoo is an easy to use cloud accounting software for businesses who want to have a simplistic approach towards the management and control of their books. Starting at $16.65/ month, Kashoo is available in the form of iOS as well as the Web version.

This accounting software comes with a multi-currency option with unlimited connections and invoices to more than 5,000 online financial institutions to reconcile accounts with. Apart from this, Kashoo accounting software is a good option for income and expense management, providing varied customer support in the form of phone, social media, email, live chat, and more.

Kashoo is mostly used in China, Asia, Middle East, Australia, the UK, Africa, and the US. If we talk about the free trial offer by Kashoo, it comes to a good number of 14 days, with 180 countries paying home to over 150,000 registered users.

9. NetSuite

If we talk about the #1 ERP solution in the cloud, NetSuite makes it to the top. It helps in streamlining all back-office processes like CRM, e-commerce, accounting, etc. It is an apt choice when it comes to focusing on the revenue-generating processes rather than worrying about the unproductive back-office tasks.

Some of its key applications include billing and order management, financial analytics and reporting, accounting, inventory and supply chain management, and more.

The price of NetSuite meets the needs of every customer in the form of add-on modules requirement, ERP configuration, total user count, predicated on defined givens, contract length, and more. If we talk about the monthly license costs, it comes around to $999, with $99 access costs per month for every user.

In over 110 countries and 40,000+ businesses, NetSuite has laid down its foundation significantly, with the ‘Best ERP Software’ tag for medium-sized businesses. NetSuite targets businesses irrespective of their size on its platform, along with direct marketing to CIOs, CEOs, Controllers, and CFOs.

8. ZipBooks

When it comes to ZipBooks, a lot of features constitute it. From sending professional invoices to auto-billing payments and reminders, account reconciliation, providing customers with the option to leave reviews, it differs a lot amongst its competitors for the given price. Supported countries: are the United States and Canada.

You can add as many team members as you wish to with ZipBooks, regardless of the size of your company.

ZipBooks is accounting software which uses the web platform to help contractors, freelancers, and growing businesses manage their bookkeeping and accounting needs with fast payment allowance, etc.

7. PCLaw by LexisNexis

For legal accounting, PCLaw by LexisNexis is regarded as one of the best accounting software. It lets you bill the hours where work is done outside the office premises with the help of Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA). Manual time entry, along with real-time work tracking, along with client expenses is available to the attorneys for error-free financial management in the future.

Apart from this, other product features like automatic bill reminders, pre-populating matter look-ups, automatic reminders for billing, voice-enabled data entry, spelling correction, and at-a-glance updates on billable hours are also available. LexisNexis’s PCLaw is a one-stop solution for practice management which serves 10,000 employees in over 175 countries, with a strong trust network of 13,000 law firms.

6. Xero

Xero accounting software is cloud-based and easily accessible from any device and computer. Xero accounting lets you integrate your business programs with more than 700 applications or customized programs as per the needs of the business. Its services include expense management and tracking, simple budgeting, unlimited users access, configurable reports, and more.

If we talk about the usage of Xero software, it is used in over 180 countries with over 1.2+ million customers that account for 8800 firms of accounting. One has the opportunity to add ‘N’ number of users to every plan, which is unlikely to its competitors who charge as per the number of users being added.

5. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a famous accounting service marketed and developed by 2ndsite, Inc. which is hosted on the cloud. The FreshBooks accounting software has features such as expense tracking, invoicing, time tracking, credit card payments option, along with a host of business reports.

With FreshBooks, you have the option of operating the software in as many as 12 languages, which includes French, English, Spanish, German, and more. At $10 per person as a team member, the software is used in more than 120 countries.

4. Zoho Accounting

This affordable online accounting software lets you access your account from any part of the world. With automated features like automatic payment reminders and recurring invoices, it saves your time and efforts at large, with easy follow up options through client portals on payments and quotes.

With Zoho Books, you can integrate with multiple payment options like Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, and more. Some of its other features include tracking entire products inventory with customer customized prices, adding multiple various projects through employee tasks addition and assignment, etc.

Plan variations are available from as basic as $9 per month to $ 90 per month for you and your accountant (two users), along with the option of adding 5 automated workflow and 50 contacts. If you want more users, contacts, and workflow, various other plans are also available.

3. Wave Accounting

Wave Financial Inc. provides tools and software which are hosted on the cloud and can be integrated anytime. The services include payment and payroll processing, invoicing, accounting, personal finance, as well as receipt management tools. Through accounting by Wave, you can gain access to data from anywhere, along with having a single login for unlimited collaborators.

By Jan 2018, Wave Accounting is available in over 200 countries having 3 million customers. You can gain access to your data from anywhere due to its cloud-based feature, along with having a single login for unlimited collaborators and managing the work.

2. Sage Accounting

Sage accounting software provides access to daily activities like time tracking, expenses, invoicing from anywhere at any time, along being multi-currency and multi-language enabled. Operational and real-time financial insights can be accessed with this software, and also automate the processes which are critical.

Sage-Based in England with 6.1 million customers and offices in 24 countries is multinational enterprise software, which accounts for 3rd biggest provider for enterprise resource planning software and 2nd biggest British’s tech company.

1. QuickBooks Online

Intuit QuickBooks accounting software offers solutions for bank reconciliation, drafting invoices, tracking expenses, monitoring financial reports, and more. It also allows users to take bill photos and use them as an expense submission proof, along with providing customized template option of branding with the desired field and business logo to generate bills, reports, and invoices.

The products of QuickBooks are mainly for the medium-sized businesses which offer cloud-based versions and on-premises accounting apps that pay and manage bills, accept business payments, along with the management of the payroll functions.

QuickBooks Highlights:

  • Availability of free trial for 30 days
  • 2 million worldwide users
  • Four pricing tiers which let you add 1 user to 25 users as per the plan

The above-listed business accounting software are undoubtedly the top 10 accounting software for medium and large-sized businesses. These software not only help in streamlining the accounting processes but let the business owners focus more on the work productivity and business growth.

The features differ greatly and depending upon the requirements of your business; you should opt for the one that fulfills your needs to the maximum level.

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