Job Opportunities At Crown Secondary School


A secondary school located in the outskirt of Dar es Salaam City (Mbezi Makonde area) is looking for appropriate persons to fill in the above vacancies.


*Must be fluent in spoken English.
* Pronounced experience and competence in the field concern.
* Highly committed, with sense of humor, and good interpersonal skills; able to mix-up with students and entertain them.
*  Ability to maintain discipline, and harmony without applying corporal punishment.
* Being part of the daily routine of students by ensuring that time  management is strictly observed.
* Able to manage a given group of students effectively.

Medical:  *Must have undergone nursing courses and practiced in the field for not less than 2 years to an extent of being able to treat sick students administer doses of medicines and need be escort them to hospital, even overnight emergencies which are above her capabilities of handling.

Cleanliness: *Making sure that cleanliness is observed i.e students dormitory, students’ clothes are well arranged and beds are well kept. Personal students’ tidiness i.e hair well shaved, ladies hair well plated etc.

Good Conduct: Ensure that students have good behaviour and they fear God in this manner stealing  and other bad behaviours are not expected but also lockers and drawers must be kept well and safe.

Candidate must also participate in class teaching. A person with other added advantages in students environment will be considered more.

How to Apply?

Please manually apply for this job using the details below:

Interested persons should send their applications, credentials and C.vs to: Apply before: 10th September, 2019
+255 717 – 450 433

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