Friday, September 20, 2019

Job Opportunity at Al Muntazir School September, 2019

JOB TITLE:IT Systems Administrator at Al Muntazir School September, 2019

1.       Oversee the maintenance and smooth running of a secure and efficient IT network system across all Al Muntazir Schools.

2.       Oversee the administration and maintenance of all hardware and software, including Servers, Firewalls, Anti Virus, Operating Systems and Application Systems.

3.       Supervise Network trouble shooting, systems backup, disaster recovery and provide expert support when necessary.

4.       Interact with internal staff and external suppliers to help resolve all IT related issues in timely manner.

5.       Manage/Coordinate the purchasing of all software, hardware and other IT supplies.

6.       Maintain the school websites, database systems, school software and accounting software.

7.       Be part of the training team to provide ICT skills to the Al Muntazir Staff members.

8.       Manage the school biometric and CCTV systems.

9.       Administer all internal and external communication systems including Email, SMS, Mass Mail etc.

Applicants must have adequate skills in Computer Networking, Software Management and System Security. Applicant must possess effective Interpersonal and Communication skills.

The Recruitment Team

Please contact:

The Al Muntazir HR Manager
P. O. Box 21735
Tel: +255 22 2150161

+255 22 2150161

Al Muntazir School, UN Road, near Salendar Bridge

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