Nikki Mbishi Congratulate Harmonize Left WCB

Nikki Mbishi Congratulate Harmonize Left WCB
Renowned Hip Hop musician Nikki Mbishi, congratulated the late fleet artist Rajabu Abdul as Harmonize, for deciding to seek a life of his own in the music industry.

Commenting on that via his instagram page Nikki said that Harmonize is among the top performers from the WCB, but has decided to leave the label after seeing himself capable.

"I really congratulate Harmonize on the point she has reached since many musicians on any label lose confidence in finding their own life," wrote Nikki

However, the artist blamed the veteran musicians who are now members of parliament in some regions of Tanzania Joseph Mbilinyi, known as 'Sugu' and Mikumi Professor Jay, would be directors of some of the biggest music companies in the country but could not do so.

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