Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The government has agreed to clear 12 Tengelu forests

The government has agreed to clear 12 Tengelu forests of 707,659.94 acres that have lost their reputation and have decided to distribute them to the community for housing, agriculture and livestock activities.

The decision was reached today (Monday, September 23, 2019) at a Cabinet session chaired by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania;  Dr.  John Joseph Alcohol Magufuli, Headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

Commenting immediately after the session, Prime Minister Kassim MajALI said sector Ministers led by the Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development,  William Lukuvi analyzed and compiled a report on proposals for resolving land use disputes presented at today's Cabinet session.

"Ministers analyzed and identified that 975 conflict villages and not 366 as previously announced, the Council has decided that 920 villages will remain within the reservoir, rezoning boundaries, re-licensing village land and planning for land use," he said.  adding that a list of such villages will be announced later.

The Prime Minister said the government has approved the seven-acre 46,715-acre National Parks that have lost the title to the community for housing, agriculture and livestock activities to remove the nuisance of the land.

At the same time, the Prime Minister said the Government had agreed to demolish 14 forest reserves for agriculture and livestock and to clear 16 unused farmland for agricultural and livestock use.

“The remaining 55 villages continue to undergo extensive evaluation of the remaining areas within the park and submit their recommendations for decision.  Analysis and information will be provided, ”he said, adding that a list of villages, wildlife, forests and cleared lands would be created later.

He also said the Council has decided the 500 meter land allocated as buffer zone (protected area) in the areas of villages bordering animal parks should be left to the relevant villages and citizens not to be evacuated.

He mentioned other decisions reached at the session that the Vice President's Office had to finalize a guideline that would identify land use within the 60-meter reservoir of rivers, water sources, lakes and oceans.

Other decisions are to require all ministries and institutions to protect their areas by making permanent markings visible;  and that citizens are not allowed to invade new areas and strict legal measures will be taken against any invasion starting today.

In January, this year, President Magufuli issued a directive to eight Ministers of Land Use Sector to review and prepare a report on proposals for resolving land use disputes.

The directives included: Excluding 366 villages and suburbs within the reserve;  Identify conservation areas that have lost their reputation so that they can be distributed to the community for pastoral and agricultural activities and to review and redress the boundaries between forests, wildlife and habitats.

The rest is to break some of the National Parks, fragile forests and forests, to distribute to pastoralists and farmers;  Reviewing various land use laws;  Revise the Water Resources Act that addresses storage within 60 meters;  To submit proposals for the removal of undeveloped land and redistribution of land for agricultural and livestock production and to continue to protect and conserve forest areas, wildlife and water sources.

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