The Mining Commission in Tanzania Need TANCOAL Stop Misleading Public

The Mining Commission in Tanzania Need TANCOAL Stop Misleading Public 
The Mining Commission in Tanzania has called on the TANCOAL coal company to stop misleading the public over the alleged levy and instead pay off US $ 10,408,798 in the period September 2011 to June 2019.

Speaking on September 16 in Dodoma, Executive Secretary of the Mining Commission, Prof.  Thanks to Manya, the company said it was forced to sell coal to customers with mining licenses, which would increase the cost of coal.

"This information is misleading and published by TANCOAL via the website on September 3 this year and has been circulated on other social networks, which is not correct," said Prof.  Manya.

Professor Manya explained that TANCOAL said in a statement that the Ministry of Minerals through the Mining Commission had begun charging TANCOAL a monthly fee on the cost of coal export from the mine to the end user locally and abroad.

In addition, Manya said TANCOAL has been paying a toll fee based on the value of mining as a Thai yard, not including shipping costs to customers, which is contrary to the Mining Act of 2010.

He added that the same payment procedure has been followed by all other companies that are mining or selling coal except TANCOAL despite repeated training on how to calculate the square payment in accordance with the Mining Act 2010.

“The Mining Act 2010 section 87 (6) regulates the method of calculating the square based on the market value (for the end user) which includes the cost of shipping to the customer Gross Value '' said Prof.  Manya.

Prof.  Manya clarified that Section 18 (1) of the Mining Act of 2010 prohibits any person or company other than a valid mining license holder or employee of such licensees from owning, exporting or selling minerals without permission to do so in accordance with  of the law.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Mining Commission, Professor Idris Kikula, Director of Inspection and Commerce,  Venance Mwase, Director of Commission Services, William Mtinya, Human Resource Management Manager, Gift Kilhimshi, Licensing Manager, Engineer Ramadan Lwamo and Acting Research and Policy Manager, Andendekisye Mbije.

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